Thursday, February 12, 2015

spread the love (and luck!) this valentine's day

We have been hard at work designing new fabrics and although these two are not specific to Boston, they are ideas we've had in our heads for a while and we were excited to get out of our head and into physical form. 

The first fabric is conversation hearts on a white backdrop with the hearts arranged into a larger heart.  The pattern is then repeated in block format on Spoonflower and shows really well in what's a simple, colorful spin on Valentine's day without being too bold in the reds and pinks.  Our plan is to sew these hearts into a garland, and to use the extra hearts as mini elbow patches on some t-shirts for Gabriella.  

The second fabric is lottery tickets, inspired by the recent Powerball extravaganza (we didn't win, sadly...) and we thought it would be cute to spread the wealth, of sorts.

Also, because we're on a "behind the scenes in product development kick", here's some cut/pastes of the version as it was being put together...

both fabrics are available in our Spoonflower shop - see sidebar of the blog to access directly!

hope you're all having a great day! xo