Friday, March 6, 2015

partnering with a design company

A contact at our favorite fabric store in downtown Boston gave us the recommendation of someone that he said may be able to do small production runs in the Boston area. 

Outsourcing the sewing to a professional is something we've been thinking about for quite some time but we hadn't progressed beyond the thinking stage. 

Here at Cityette, we know a little bit about a lot of things...and we're smart enough to know that sometimes it's good to go to a professional if you truly want professional results.  We're not discounting our currently great product line, because we're so proud of how far we've come and what we've been able to accomplish, but if we're being completely honest, there's no way we can compete stitch-for-stitch with someone with 30 years' experience in the fashion industry and a degree from FIT who can handle patterns, samples, and production in Boston. 

BUT... we've been introduced, luckily, to someone with this exact experience!

His shop is in the South End right by the SoWa open markets and so we'll have oversight over every step of the process and we're comfortable knowing that we're only a few minutes away. 

In a way, we feel like we're offering up our "baby" to a very capable caretaker.

Most importantly, everything will still be made by hand in Boston and we're excited to say we'll have some very professional items coming soon that will stay true to what our shop currently offers and what our brand represents.

To sum it up, we're gaining a little bit of confidence as we navigate the small business world and the process of turning an idea into a finished product.  It's been a steep learning curve to say the least.

We're confident we're all going to love what's coming next for Cityette. 

Thanks so much for your support along the way and for continuing to follow our progress.  We hope to grow our baby into a brand that can stand on its own two feet and we truly, truly, appreciate you being here with us.