Friday, April 10, 2015

new work in progress

A lovely friend and college roommate called with the most awesome idea last week!  She wanted to send a friend a map card with the Boston marathon route, as this friend is running the Boston marathon on April 20! 

Such a cute idea.  We love our friend, we love the person running the marathon (and all persons running the marathon), and we thought this was a really cute, wonderful idea. 

Originally, we had made the maps so that the route wasn't traced, but was just the map area covering the whole marathon route.

We like these, but then we got to thinking that it wasn't really easy at all to tell the start location and the finish location.  After all these years of living in Boston, we couldn't map out the route on the map that we made without looking on a cheat sheet!

We printed these anyway on Shutterfly as cards so that they could make it out to the runner in advance of her race, as she probably is well enough aware of the route that she wouldn't need a cheat sheet.  We sized the maps on purpose to be longer and narrower than what would fit onto a 5x7 card, and so there's a nice white runner of open space on the top and bottom of these cards. 

This morning, though, we were thinking that it may be nice to trace the actual route for those people that need a bit of assistance in figuring out where the runners actually run, and so here are a few versions of the map with a traced route:

Which colors do you like best?  Do you like the colors or the greyscale?  We're going to mull these over and then probably add them to the shop for stationery!

Let us know what you think!