Thursday, April 23, 2015

vote for us to win on spoonflower! (please)

If you read this blog, even occasionally, you know that all our fabric-made products are done so with the help of Spoonflower, which is an amazing design service that prints your own custom designs onto fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap.  It's also a marketplace where you can purchase other people's designs and vote in weekly contests.  This week's theme is the bee.

You can access all the designs via this link to vote:

This is our design below that we've entered into a contest, a "bee happy!" fabric that we designed a few months ago and wrote about in a previous blog post, which you can read more about here:

It's our first time entering a Spoonflower contest, and truth be told, the contest just happened to coincide with something we had already made, but we LOVE WINNING, so please consider voting for us!