Wednesday, May 13, 2015

two sales of hops fabric this week on Spoonflower!

We love how Spoonflower is a bit of a mystery - we don't do any marketing of our fabrics and so any purchases are totally organic.  It's so fun to find people that order our fabric, but we never really know who these people are or how they found us.  We don't do a ton of sales, but we're always thankful for each sale we do make and this week we've made two sales of our hops fabric that I used to make tiny Christmas tree ornaments for my dad this past year (he's a homebrewing beer genius).  

We're happy to know the hops are spreading around!  

These are the only type of hops we can actually grow, since we did a failed attempt at planting 3 different types of rhizomes last year in the yard and they didn't end up surviving the lawnmower.

See the fabric below for yourself and shop us on Spoonflower here: