Thursday, July 2, 2015

Boston Bakeries: Modern Pastry vs. Mike’s Pastry

I used to write back in 2011 for a website that focused on charity and style and I wrote for both the national publication and the Boston city page. The website is shutting down later this year, so I decided to go back and pull some of my old articles and share them here, because although some of my writing has improved, a lot of the things I wrote about are opinions that haven't changed.

Here's a throwback to my 2011 article on evaluating who's got the best cannoli in Boston. I'd also like to ask you to keep a completely open mind and consider Whole Foods for the actual win on best cannoli... they are amazing, you guys.

 PS I'm working with a friend on a fun collaboration involving my daughter, Gabriella, who recently turned 5. We're going to do a series of you-tube style videos with her in Boston and get her opinion on some of the Boston tourist sites, including, obviously, where the best cannoli is made, which is what reminded me about this article in the first place.  Stay tuned for a Gabriella breakdown in the future...

Without further ado, though (keep in mind this is from 2011, so a bit dated in the Sarah Palin reference):

Much as your political affiliation or your favorite sports team defines part of who you are, your take on which is better: Mike’s or Modern pastry sets you up for immediate judgement by others in the Boston area. Pastry fans tend to affiliate themselves with Mike’s OR Modern, rarely both. And while we’re on this analogy, I should mention that things can get heated from the other camp when it comes to declaring your choice for the best pastry shop, similar to the reaction you’d expect from professing your love/hatred for Sarah Palin or the Yankees.

 Modern Pastry There are numerous other delicious pastry shops in the North End (including my friend’s favorite, 24 hour Bova’s) and in Boston, but usually people boil the competition down to just Mike’s or Modern because they are the powerhouses of the pastry world. I heard a rumor upon first moving to Boston that the tourists went to Mike’s and the locals went to Modern, but now that I’ve lived here for nearly eight years and met plenty of people from the North End, I’ve found this to be untrue; even those I’ve-lived-in-the-North-End-my-whole-life people I know are split on which place has the best cannolis.

If you’re judging on pure attendance levels alone, I would guess that Mike’s would win. A cursory search on reveals 981 yelp reviews for Mike’s and 380 yelp reviews for Modern. But, if you’re going for quality, (and we all are, aren’t we?) the yelp winner is…. a tie. Mike's Pastry I actually don’t have a preference because I find both choices to be good in their own right, but I recommend a trip to the North End to try the cannolis at both Mike’s and Modern and decide for yourself.

What is your favorite?

Mike’s Pastry
300 Hanover Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02113
Ph. 617-742-3050

 Open Mon,Wed-Thu 8am-9pm; Tue 9am-8pm; Fri 8am-10:30pm

Modern Pastry
257 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113-2322
Ph. 617-523-3783

Open Mon-Thu,Sun 8am-10pm; Fri-Sat 8am-11pm