Thursday, October 29, 2015

Oreo fabric is a current claim to fame over on Spoonflower!

Okay, so we didn't win the pop art cookie contest over on Spoonflower a few weeks ago, but we did rack up a bunch of favorites for our design!  Do you know someone who loves cookies? 

Cityette has over 110 favorites (hearts) for our designs over on Spoonflower, most of which are for the Oreo designs.  There's a reason why it's America's most favorite cookie!

There are a number of variations on the Oreo fabric - see some of the options pasted here:

In addition, we've now done two custom collaborations on Spoonflower for differing versions of our Oreo fabric.  And we have a complementary milk option to wash it all down :)

One of our custom customers even was kind enough to post her finished product (a baby bib) using the Oreo fabric here:

How cool is that?

You can view all of our designs and find the one that's right for you at

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