Saturday, October 17, 2015

Update on the mother's day gift to myself

Hi everyone!

Not sure if you remember my earlier post here about my mother's day gift to myself of a Kardashian-inspired family tee with the names of all our family members, but I realized recently that I never posted an update of the tee or of my love of how it came out.  PS really hoping Lamar recovers and gets the help he needs.

Here's a partial selfie of the finished product (see below).  I've been wearing this shirt quite often around the house and even took it on a field trip to the local Star Market to do a quick grocery run on a Saturday morning a few weeks back. 

I never expected to get so much attention, though!  I had the cashier ask about it and then overheard two people standing in line at customer service talking about it!  If you know me, being the center of attention isn't my favorite feeling, so I probably won't have the nerve to wear this shirt much outside of the comfort of my own home, but it's holding up well through the wash and makes me happy every time I put it on. 

I'd highly recommend making a similar project for people in your own family either as a gift to them or a gift to yourself!  It's a good conversation starter, based on my own experience, if nothing else:)