Saturday, January 23, 2016

new cards in the shop!

for some reason, we have yet to release on Etsy or anywhere else our most awesomely funny tea "T" towels featuring all of the MBTA trains (the fabric is listed for sale on spoonflower though so you could buy it there and make your own), but we did finally get today around to adding the following three subway train cards to the Etsy shop, along with our "deepest thanks" card - get it?!?  

the deepest thanks card features one of the infamous creatures of the deep - an angler fish!  you know, that fish with the flashlight barb thingy that hangs in order to lure prey.  those creatures are a bit creepy, so we tried to tone it down and make a sort of lovable-ish best version of self.  we're not going to go so far as to call it cute per se, but it's not like the true horror movie version at least.  

we got the idea for the deepest thanks card after sending our friend a thank you card that said deepest thanks but had a submarine swimming through some seaweed.  being nerds over here, we said hey, submarines don't even voyage down very far - we can prove our thanks beyond what those submarine thanks insinuate!  and so we got the idea to make a very serious thank you card that says really truly deepest thanks.  

all are posted new in our shop, see