Thursday, June 30, 2016

buy one get one free fat quarters are now available at Spoonflower!

If you've been waiting to place a fabric order for a project that uses a fat quarter, I'm here to let you know that there is no price time like the present -

Spoonflower is having a special now where fat quarters are buy one get one free!  This means that you can order two fat quarters in order to make two tea towels for what would normally be twice the price! 

There are plenty of things you can make with only a fat quarter of fabric - see the Spoonflower blog for a treasure trove of ideas, but we personally are big fans of one fat quarter to make one tea towel. 

You can simply stitch up the sides on a sewing machine, or honestly, this size is manageable enough that if you're afraid of sewing machines and just want to hand stitch the edges, this is possible without too much time or effort. 

We've done eight tea towel recipe towels by hand and it took a while to get them all done (we spaced our efforts out over two Christmas seasons, to be honest), but the handmade touch can't be beat. 

Our Etsy shop has some of our favorite tea towel designs using Spoonflower fabrics, including the ABC Boston alphabet design (order on Spoonflower on the one that notes the design is sized for 4 tea towels per yard), and all of our MBTA "T" tea towel designs!

etsy items are here:

Spoonflower designs are available via our shop, search cityette or Boston in the search box tool and you'll be able to access these directly!

This is the perfect opportunity for when you want to make something for a friend but what you make for your friend is actually so lovely that you kind of want to keep it for yourself if it wouldn't make you feel guilty! 

Now is the time!!  Go get this deal, people!