Monday, May 22, 2017

new NYC Spoonflower fabrics in the shop

We just ordered some of our newly designed New York NYC favorites fabric from Spoonflower and when we get in the fabric, we'll check it to make sure we love it, then post it so that it'll be available for purchase.  In the meantime, we'd love to hear thoughts, as we're always open to revisions (ie what did we leave out?  also: what other cities would you like to see this type of design for?)

We're planning on using the yard of fabric we purchased as a backing for the NYC map pillows and as possibly the front of new NYC-themed pillows as a complement to the NYC map.  These will be listed in the Etsy shop, or you can just order directly from Spoonflower to sew up your own!

Here's a peek at all the items on the fabric, which are then structured as a half-brick design:

This version is version 20-ish from where we initially started.

The fabric idea spawned from our NY card we designed for Etsy (see below).  We were looking to add in Fearless Girl (the statue facing the Wall St. Bull) to the card design, but instead went a new route with fabric instead.

We're happy with the results and look forward to moving along to working on something else!  Stay tuned! xo

Here's a few of the other versions we had in between this and what we had as the final version:

We ended up submitting this design as part of the Spoonflower cityscapes design challenge that recently ended.  Winners will be announced on the blog June 1 so we'll let you know how well we did in the contest - stay tuned!