Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spoonflower fabric sale 15% all fabric 1+ yards!

So, this ends up being bad timing for us because we just purchased and received 3+ yards of fabric at full price while in the back of our minds thinking there hadn't been a Spoonflower sale in a while...


Wanted to let everyone else know that there is currently 15% off 1 yard or more at Spoonflower through Monday, June 12.  We've already had one (now three as of June 9!) person take advantage of getting our designs at a discount:) see screenshot below.

Our fabric designs can be viewed here and there are literally thousands of other designers with totally amazing designs for any style fabric or project you can imagine - wallpaper and gift wrap too! 

and in case you're curious what we just bought when we did our most recent Spoonflower order, we ordered the NYC new fabric (LOVE!) and the two per yard ABC Boston baby blankets on the minky and on the Kona cotton (to make a quilt).  We also ordered one of Gabriella's face designs that she hand drew to make some throw pillows for the couch in the kid's play space area.  Stay tuned for a post on what those will look like.  Our little designer is on a roll!

When we get our Spoonflower orders and open them, we're always so excited to see in person how things turned out but we're also sometimes a bit sad about realizing how maybe what we ordered would look better on a different fabric or we get an idea for something else we could make.  The NYC fabric would make a really cute baby blanket on the organic cotton knit!  We're in overload fabric mode right now and need to focus on making things with what we have currently in inventory, but we're passing along the idea if someone else wants to beat us to the punch and make their own - go for it!!

Also, we noticed how Spoonflower recently sorted the fabric options to purchase by type - woven, knit, performance.  SO helpful!

Have fun out there, creatives!