Monday, July 17, 2017

Made in America Week!

Since this week has been declared Made in America week, we'd like to take the opportunity to discuss our sourcing and production and to tell you a bit about how our products are made. 

Here at Cityette, we are very proud to have everything produced as locally as possible and we work hard to ensure our items are made with the highest quality standards in place.  If we're not sewing things ourselves, we're using one of the best in the business - Roger Hinds.  Roger has decades of business sewing things for all kinds of people and we've been blessed to meet some other locals using his services throughout the past few years, including someone needing a professional grade Wonder Woman costume, designers for Fashion Week, and just dozens of interesting people with interesting projects that have helped open our eyes to a lot of innovation and creativity that we wouldn't have seen otherwise in Boston!  His office is right in Boston's South End, and so we're happy to be able to say our things are sewn up within Boston city limits (can't get more authentic than that!).  Roger is hands-down amazing at what he does and we appreciate the owners of Windmill Fabrics (RIP) giving us a very kind introduction to him way back all these years ago.

For our fabric-based products, everything is printed via Spoonflower, a North Carolina-based company.  The Spoonflower company is truly amazing and we're thankful and very appreciative of the work that they do to ensure a super high-quality print of our designs onto a wide range of fabrics.  Spoonflower also offers gift wrap and wallpaper and is a favorite of interior designers.  There are thousands of designers on the site and hundreds of thousands of designs and we couldn't more highly recommend the site and its services.

For our print-based products (stationery and posters), we use Shutterfly, also a US-based company that's well known for its quality, even among professional photographers. 

We're glad to be able to do things in-person whenever possible and to work with people and companies we know and trust because that means our products are going to be consistent and of amazing quality.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!  We're always happy to answer questions or help consult you on your creative endeavors.

Happy Made in America Week to you!