We love Boston!

Looking for the perfect gift for Boston's newest resident?  A new Boston homeowner, a newlywed couple, a brand new baby, a college student?  A friend that's moved away but who would love a thoughtful reminder of their great times (with you) in Boston?  Looking to decorate your place with something unique that showcases your love of the city in a much more convincing way than a "I <3 Boston" postcard?  We're here to help!

Here at Cityette, we feature Boston-based (and Boston-made!) products and offer unique content in our shop on Etsy for kids of all ages - Boston residents and tourists alike.  Our popular watercolor map pillows have been shipped to fans in California, Kansas, Maine and Georgia about as often as they go to people in Charlestown or the South End! 

We proudly offer upscale, hand-designed, handmade gifts you won't find anywhere else.  We know our products will look good in your home because we have these items proudly displayed in our own home. 

We also love spreading the Boston love.  We've had customers buy a tea towel as a gift for their friend and then had that friend come back and purchase a tea towel for another friend, and we've had guests who have stayed at Airbnb homes where they saw our pillows come to Etsy to buy the same pillow for their home. 

This blog documents our Boston photographing adventures and our work on Etsy, often in collaboration with what we design and print at Spoonflower.  We plan to expand and to offer products from other major U.S. cities in the future (check out our Cape pillows and Manhattan watercolor map notecards available now!), so please swing by again to check out what's new!

We're very glad to meet you and appreciate you being here. Let us know if we can help with
anything-we happily accept requests for custom orders and product line suggestions!

xo, Heather